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The self-publishing specialists

Are you ready to self-publish your book?

We can provide everything you need to get the job done.

Here at A1 Book Publishing UK we publish books for those authors who may not have the combination of skills to do so for themselves, or may simply not have the time to devote to what can be a time consuming editorial process. 

Along with our sister company A1 Proofreading UK, we provide all the services to help authors self-publish books and eBooks, from proofreading your manuscript, book covers, book design and eBook conversion, to book distribution and book marketing.

We are not affiliated with Amazon or any of its subsidiaries.

We will produce both Kindle and printed editions of your book. It will be available to more than 300 million readers worldwide through Amazon.

Authors receive 70% (eBook) and 60% (paperback edition) royalties of the retail price of their books direct from Amazon, who keep the remaining % as their profit.

As a part of our services, 2 complimentary copies of the printed book will be sent to your address upon publication.

We will provide precise and easy to follow marketing instructions that will guarantee your book achieves the maximum possible sales.

The fee includes all elements of publication and involves taking a book from a base position right through to a high quality, professional publication. 

Both editions (eBook and printed edition) will be available through Amazon’s book stores all over the world. One of the huge advantages of Amazon publication on KDP AMAZON is that books are published there indefinitely.

We aim to complete publication within approximately four weeks and have a very formulaic and systematic approach to book production.

We will register the account for you on Amazon and complete all of the details, including the description of the book which will appear on the book’s sales page on Amazon, placing the book in the most suitable sales genres, and using the most appropriate search keywords to optimise success. 

When the book is published, you will be given full control over your account. Neither we nor Amazon have any claim to the copyright in your work. You own all of the rights at all times.

We offer the experience, book publishing skills and personal service needed for your fiction or non-fiction book.

Do you have any specific questions for us? If so, call our UK based number 0121 314 1328 or use our contact form.