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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the potential market for my book?

There are over ten million Kindle users worldwide with the numbers increasing daily. But the market for your book goes far beyond that because Kindle provides apps so that your book can be read on virtually any eBook device such as iPads and Android devices.

Will my book be available internationally?

Yes, absolutely. Your book will be available to all the countries of the world where Amazon have a presence, including the UK, Europe, and the USA which has the biggest number of Kindle owners.

Do you publish all books submitted to you?

Yes we do. We are not here to judge or censor your work. We accept all genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Does my book need an ISBN?

It is not necessary to buy an ISBN because Amazon will provide an ISBN for the book themselves.

How long does it take to publish my book to Amazon’s Kindle?

Unless there are unforeseen problems we can publish a book in approximately four weeks.

Is there a length requirement for my book?

No. Kindle is a very forgiving medium where length is not of any great importance. For example, fiction of novella length and short stories are proving very popular on Kindle. This is in contrast to printed books where these genres were rarely published at all in recent years.

How do you set the price of my book?

Because Kindle is owned by amazon.com, a US company, the retail price is set initially in US Dollars then automatically converted to the currency of the country in which it is on sale. Thus, in the UK it will appear for sale in British Pounds, in Europe, the Euro and so on. One thing you must remember is that ebooks are priced lower than conventional printed books. There are conventional ‘industry standard’ prices for different types of books to which we tend to adhere. But another advantage of Kindle is that the price of the book can be changed very quickly at any time depending on sales.

How much do I get paid for each book sold?

Kindle has a somewhat strange royalty commission policy. Books which are priced below $2.99 receive 35% royalty payment. Books between $2.99 and $9.99 receive 70% and books from $10.00 to $20.00 revert to 35%. In addition, Kindle charges the author for electronic delivery based on the file size. For books such as novels which are primarily text-based, this is usually a matter of pennies but it increases for books with, for example, many color pictures.

How do I get paid for book sales?

Since 27.10.17 Amazon KDP has stopped sending cheques. There is an option to be paid by direct bank transfer. Authors can set their bank details at any time after publication within their 'My Account' section.

How is my book marketed?

Amazon has dedicated marketing tools and is very good at publicising and promoting your book to its millions of readers.

What happens after my book is published?

We set up a special separate account for you on Amazon’s Kindle with your own username and password. This provides access to your account over which you will have full control. You can check sales as frequently as you want and change any element of the book when required, even down to the content and cover design! 

Can you publish a printed copy of my book?

We are aware that many readers still prefer a physical, printed book. In order to cater for this sector of the market, we will also publish a conventional printed edition of the book through Kindle Direct Publishing. This allows you to have printed copies of your book on sale on Amazon without holding any stock at all. They are literally printed on demand. This edition will be available alongside the Kindle edition on Amazon to maximise the book’s chances of success. As a part of our services two copies of the printed edition will be sent to your address upon publication.